Hi, my name is Peggy Reynolds and I am an artist and photographer. My influences and inspirations are all rooted in life experiences and the pockets of magic that can be found everywhere, if one takes the time to notice. My unique vision lends itself to photos that have a hint of a story to them. The most important element of an image is the emotion it conveys. Each photo represents a piece of a puzzle or a component of a journey. I like to wander around and gravitate towards whatever catches my attention. With all of my photos, I try to let the viewer see things the way I did.

While I have taken some classes, I am largely self-taught and driven by my passion for photography. I have always been interested in photography and became very serious about it when I started taking photos of my metalwork. Since that time, I have done yearbook photos, event photography for a rock band, been published in an online magazine, one of my photos was used on the cover of a published poetry book, another was used on a brochure for a luncheon program hosted by U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, Columbus, Ohio, and my work has been accepted in juried gallery shows.

I take a variety of photos including portraits, conceptual, architectural, urban exploration, landscapes, street, and event.